We strive to breed our birds to the standards of the Poultry Club of Great Britain, The Rare Poultry Society and the Rare Breed Survival Trust.



The Gt Grandparent stock of our Norfolk Greys were bred here in North Norfolk.



We consider ourselves to be small flock owners and not commercial breeders or dealers. We do not breed indiscriminately or for profit but only to improve and secure the future of our own stock.


We are registered with Animal Heath - DEFRA and members of The Norfolk Poultry Club, Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth Poultry Club, The Poultry Club of Great Britain and The Rare Poultry Society. The Dorking Club and The British Orloff Society.


Our first priority when breeding is to hatch healthy chicks from the eggs of happy healthy hens, whilst trying to maintain the original standards and utility purposes created by the founder of the wonderful breeds we keep. In this small way we are helping to preserve the historical tradition of our birds  for future generations to enjoy.




When available we do sell our surplus stock in the hope of widening our flocks gene pool. Any money made from these sales goes back into our birds to offset feed and heathcare costs.



Occasionally we buy in fertile eggs and pullets from reputable breeders to maintain healthy and productive bloodlines. We are always interested to hear from other keepers of Norfolk Greys and are happy to give advice on the breed.   



          Please feel free to email us norfolkgrey@btinternet.com


Norfolk Grey Poultry - G & T Cordally-Upex

 Conservation Breeders of The Norfolk Grey


                    When available we sell hatching eggs and youngstock   


 Please email us for more information or to be added to our waiting lists