Q.      Does the Norfolk Grey have a breed club that I can join?


A.       At present the Norfolk Grey does not have its own breed club.  The breed is currently monitored by The Rare Poultry Society

Q.        How can I register that I am a current owner and breeder of Norfolk Greys?


A.        To register as a breeder of Norfolk Greys please email the secretary of The Rare Poultry Society for membership details

Q.        I want to show my Norfolk Grey are there any specific classes for them and if not what class should I enter them in?


A.        Norfolk Grey classes are held at the following shows: 

           The Poultry Club of GB National Championship show,  The Federation of Poultry Clubs National Championship Show, The Royal Norfolk Show,

           The Leciester County Poultry Show, Norfolk Poultry Club Shows and Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth Poultry Club Shows.

           At shows where there are no specific classes for the Norfolk Grey - they should be entered in the Rare Breed Any other Variety  (AOV) Large Heavy




Q.       There is a standard for Norfolk Grey bantams but I am having difficulty sourcing any stock could you please advise a breeder who keeps them?

A.       At present we are unaware of any Norfolk Greys that currently meet the standard  bantam weights.         

         Although we know of one project that is underway to create the  bantam version. If this is successful it will be publicised on this site and in the

        'Practical Poultry Magazine.'

Frequently Asked Questions about The Norfolk Grey